Unequalled – because only KNF offers you all this:


KNF is your direct link to engineering, manufacturing, and distribution. We are solely responsible for our products from A to Z.

Test any unit you wish in your own laboratory – at no cost or obligation.

We deliver custom solutions to precisely meet your requirements. With the flexible KNF module system, your custom unit will be uncomplicated and economical. The SC920 vacuum system revolutionized the market and its radio control gained great attention. With its many advanced features, it is considered a milestone of laboratory technology in the industry.

The patented KNF aeration system protects diaphragms when working with moist gases and guarantees uniform low vacuum. We deliver standard diaphragm pumps and spare parts from our warehouse within one working day. Products sent to us for repair or replacement of wearing parts leave our repair shop within 24 hours.

Why KNF is a good choice:


The pumps and systems of KNF are high-tech products of the highest quality. Thousands of our products are in successful use every day. Before they reach the market, they must pass dozens of rigorous tests under real operating conditions.

We train your team on location where your KNF equipment will be used. Thus, you can be certain that your staff is perfectly acquainted with the equipment and knows how to use all functions properly – so that your company will fully benefit from your investment.

Many components of KNF equipment are maintenance free. Others you can maintain yourself. Our consultants will be glad to show you how easy this is.

Repeat customers make up well over 90 percent of our customer base. A key reason is that they can count on us at every step of the entire service chain.

KNF products are proven to be durable and robust. Should a defect ever arise, we will be there immediately and take care of it.